Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creamed cabbage & potato cakes


Pistachio, chilli & lime potato cakes, irish cheddar, cabbage, leeks, double cream, butter, black pepper
Serves: 2 preparation: 10 minutes

When I make potato cakes, I tend to like thick almost scone-like cakes that are crispy on the outside and meltingly perfect mash in the middle. On the rare occasion that I have "proper" flat potato cakes, I like to treat them as toast. In honour of St Patrick's Day (because what's more Irish than potatoes and cabbage?) I have created this creamed cabbage, cheddar and leek concoction to serve them with.

1) For instructions on making potato cakes see my previous recipe.

2) Dice the cabbage and leeks, then sautee in a little butter for 5 minutes, adding a tiny splash of cream once the leeks are soft.

3) Stir through some grated Irish cheddar and season well with black pepper.

Serve on the toasty hot potato cake

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