Thursday, 19 July 2012

Feta & sesame poicamole


400g garden peas, feta,
mint leaves, 
Rachel's Organic Greek Yoghurt, sesame seeds 
Preparation: 10 minutes

One of my favourite recipes is poicamole, it's so fresh and delicious and I love to slather it on bread and tuck into a relatively healthy snack. Recently I was craving it but for some reason I had no parmeggian in the fridge.

1) Shell your peas (frozen peas are absolutely fine for this) and either boil or steam for 6-8 minutes.

2) Strain in a colander and pour the peas into a blender. Add a good handfull of chopped mint and start to blend.

3) As the peas are blending add teaspoons of greek yoghurt, a good pinch of salt, crumbled feta and pulse thoroughly. Serve on crackers or bread sprinkled with sesame seeds

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