Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Avocado dauphinoise


1 avocado, 1 large King Edward

potato, avocado oil, cheddar. 
Serves: 4 Preparation: 30 minutes

I absolutely adore dauphinoise potatoes. The taste, the texture, the utter indulgence... I don't know anyone that doesn't like it. (Come on, out of the woodwork with you then! Prove me wrong!) The only thing that ever makes me hesitate about eating it, is the fat content. So much cream, so much cheese... it's so very naughty. I have recently been somewhat obsessed with avocado, and made it my mission to feature it in this healthy alternative to dauphinoise potatoes - less carbs, no fatty sauce, yet no compromising on texture.

1) Slice your potatoes finely with a mandolin or a knife. Brush lightly with avocado oil (you can use olive oil if you don't have any) and bake for 15 minutes on a high heat.

2) Halve the avocados and scoop the fruit from the shell, discarding the stone. Slice into approximately 1/2 centimetre thick slices.

3) I used vintage cheddar for this recipe, a good strong flavour, but this is entirely according to taste. You could use a diet cheddar, but for the right texture, it's really got to be a relatively waxy cheese. Slice about 1/2 centimetre thick.

4) Starting with a slice of potato, layer the avocado and cheese between slices of potato. You could fill a ramekin or individual circle moulds, or make a larger version in a casserole dish.

5) Bake for 5-10 minutes until the top slice of potato begins to crisp, and the cheese has melted. Serve hot or cold.

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