Saturday, 23 March 2013

Broccoli & pepper pasta


1 broccoli, 2 bell peppers, pasta, gruyere

Serves: 4 Preparation: 20 minutes

This recipe is achingly simple, and very satisfying. Sweet, meltingly perfect peppers, gooey nutty gruyere and the freshness of the broccoli are a lovely combination.

1) Slice the top from the pepper and scoop out the core and seeds. Slice between the membranes and roast in the top of the oven for 15 minutes at a high heat.

2) Cut the florets from the broccoli stem and add to a pan of boiling water along with the pasta. Simmer for 8 minutes, then strain and set aside.

3) Grate the cheese and stir into the pasta, broccoli and bell peppers and serve.

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