Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Leek and courgette stuffed conchiglioni

8 Conchiglioni shells, 1 courgette, 1/2 a leek, 15g pine nuts, 15g mozarella, 10g parmigiano, 100ml cream, basil oil.
Serves: 2 Preparation: 30 minutes

I have despaired of late at the cost of pine nuts. Due to their popularity over the past 5 years they have steadily risen in price to a level which has caused me to stubbornly escheq them completely and bring you recipes using a range of more reasonably priced nuts. I'm not going to suggest that I have anything to do with the price going down but go down it has so let us one again embrace the pine nut!

1) Cook the conchiglioni shells in hot water for 10 minutes, strain and set aside to cool just enough for you to be able to handle them (go go gadget asbestos fingers!)

2) Whilst the pasta is cooking, finely dice half a leek and sautee in a tablespoon of basil oil until soft. Grate the courgette into the pan and stir through, adding a little more basil oil.

3) Remove from the hob after 2 minutes and transfer to a bowl. Add the grated mozarella and pine nuts and stir through.

4) Using the same pan, pour in the cream and grated mozarella and whisk rapidly over a low flame until the mozarella has been completely incorporated and the cream has thickened a little.

5) Stuff the pasta shells with the leek and courgette mixture (they should take a good tablespoon at least) - again be careful not to burn yourself!

6) Ladle the parmeggian cream onto a dish and set the shells in the sauce. If the shells are still hot, serve, otherwise this could be heated in the oven for a few minutes (not too long or the sauce will curdle and the pasta will dry!)

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