Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chicken and sage soup

1 roast chicken carcass, sage leaves, white onion

When I cook a Sunday roast for family or friends I tend to serve them the breast meat and save the legs, wings and carcass to make this fabulous chicken soup with.

1) Pick as much chicken meat from the carcass as possible and separate the wings and legs. If like me you are a vegetarian, ask someone to do this for you because otherwise you will look like this...

2) Bring a litre of water to the boil, add a handful of chopped sage leaves and a diced white onion along with the meat and chicken carcass and simmer for 1 hour in a stock pot.

3) Strain the chicken stock from the meat and bones with a colander and pick out the decent bits of meat from the bones.

4) I would recommend that you allow the stock to cool, covered in the fridge so that you can separate the fat (which will float to the top of the liquid and form a solid layer) and then add the meat and reheat. If you wish though you could just add the meat straight to the chicken stock, adding more sage if necessary and serve.

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