Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dirty rice with tequila



Wild rice, cherry tomatoes, red onion, tomato puree, jalepenos, lime juice, tequila
1) Put your wild rice into a pan and just cover it with water. Add a teaspoon of tomato puree and a diced red onion.

2) Add a generous handful of whole cherry tomatoes and stir through as the water begins to cook off.

3) Add some chopped jalepenos to taste. I like my food spicy so added 3 jalepenos - with the seeds - and the juice of one lime.

4) As the rice begins to soften, press the tomatoes with the flat of your spoon so that they burst and stir through. Add a generous dash of tequila and continue to stir until the liquid is cooked off, leaving the rice coated in a rich, sticky sauce.

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