Saturday, 28 January 2012

Clove fried onions


1 white onion, cloves, butter
Serves: 2 preparation: 10 minutes

I adore cloves. To me they are one of those spices that are used widely but still manage to evoke specific memories - such as clove and orange for Christmas. As you'll recall from my adventures with onion & mint soup, I'm on an everlong quest to make myself like onions (as an "active" ingredient rather than a base ingredient) and I immediately thought of clove as the perfect partner. What could be more comforting? After all when making bread sauce the onion is traditionally infused with clove but it merely brings a warmth rather than takes charge as a flavour. I ramped up the clove and despite not enjoying the texture of the onion (still! damnit!) I have definitely cracked the taste. I used these onions to dress my Quorn hotdog and they were utterly fantastic.

1) Peel and slice the onion into strips.

2) Grind the cloves into a fine powder and add to a frying pan as it begins to heat to lightly toast the cloves. Add a knob of butter and stir through.

3) Add the onions and stir until the clove infused butter has coated them. Fry in the pan until the onions are meltingly soft, season well then serve.

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