Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fritata-esque sausages on toast


  2 eggs, bread, 2 sausages, butter.

This is a recipe which I first made with sausage meat, chorizo, sauteed onions and chillis, served on a big doorstep of ciabatta. I will update the picture as such ASAP but here is a quick "breakfast" version that I knocked up for my husband, who has a disgusting appetite for regular sliced bread, bless his soul. Or lack of soul... *mutters incoherently about crap bread*
The focus of this dish is undoubtedly the sausage, and what better way to experiment? The Northumberland Sausage Collection have some truly mindboggling varieties such as 
llama & lavender, moroccon camel, pork & locust, pork & BBQ worm, Northumbrian goat, merlot & cracked black pepper as well as the more traditional pork & apple and pork & leek varieties.

1) Remove the skin from the sausages and roll the sausage filling into small meatballs. Drop into a frying pan with a small knob of butter and shallow fry for 3 minutes before dropping 2 eggs over the top.

2) Using a spatula, keep the edges of the eggs from spreading - essentially you are setting the sausages in the egg but the meat fat and butter will create a sort of scrambled egg effect around the edges despite the more solid fried egg appearance in the centre. The best of both worlds!

3) Once the eggs have cooked, use a fish slice to carefully remove from the pan and rest on your lightly toasted bread.

Submitted for Sausage Summer.

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