Sunday, 21 August 2011

Leek & duck eggs en cocotte


2 duck eggs, half a leek, butter, parmigiano, bread.
1) Slice the end off a leek and then cut the leek in half (widthways) and then in half (lengthways). Peel the layers of leek away and sautee in a pan with a little butter, using a wooden spatula to flatten the leek slices so they soften as strips and not tubes.

2) Use the strips to line a ramekin (be careful not to burn your fingers, but do add them whilst hot rather than allowing them to cool down. around the sides and bottom, then crack a duck egg into the ramekin.

3) Bake in the oven for a few minutes. The trick is for the white of the egg to become solid but for the yolk to remain liquid, like a poached egg.

Serve on toast.

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