Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Feta & bean salad with cucumber & mint dressing


 100g Turtle beans, 100g mung beans, 1/2 cucumber, mint, 100g feta
Serves: 2 Preparation: 20 minutes (plus overnight soaking in preparation)

Being a vegetarian I need to make sure that I get enough protein and beans are a healthy and delicious way of doing so. This salad is almost completely fat free thanks to using cucumber for the dressing - usually oil is necessary for a dressing of that lovely silky consistency but you will find this coats the beans beautifully and has a really fresh summery flavour.

1) Soak the mung beans and turtle beans overnight in cold water, then strain in a colander and boil for 10-20 minutes in fresh water. 

2) Strain in a colander and run under the cold tap to rinse the beans and cool them back to room temperature.

3) To make the dressing; peel the half cucumber and blitz in a food processor with a handful of chopped mint. Season to taste with a pinch of salt and pepper

4) Stir the dressing through the beans and add the chopped/crumbled feta.

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