Sunday, 11 September 2011

Roast garlic, leek & goats cheese bruschetta


 Ciabatta (I used La Brea walnut bread), leek, goats cheese, garlic, butter, mustard, parsley.
1) Slice the ciabatta and brush one side with a little basil oil - grill lightly and set aside.

2) Roast a bulb of garlic for 30 minutes, then squeeze out the garlic puree from each clove skin. Stir half a teaspoon of mustard into the garlic and smooth onto the untoasted side of bread.

3) Slice the leek and fry in a little butter, turning until both sides are lightly browned. Layer the leeks with slices of goats cheese onto the garlic.

4) Grill for 2 minutes and serve with chopped parsley - I added a little soured cream with mustard stirred through (I have a hangover and needed a splurge!)

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